Ana Carolina Honda
Almuni – MSc Student

Application of quality management tools in healthcare service environments; Study of improve measures in a non-profit hospital inside the state of Sao Paulo

Goal: Verifying the of possibility of quality techniques as a solution for the problems of resources management, common problem faced by brazilian public health hospitals.

Abstract: Studying the applicability of quality techniques in a philanthropic hospital, through the execution of improvement projects through the execution of project improvements following Lean approach.  A systematic literature review on the subject and a case study were conducted. The object of study was a non profit hospital  in the interior of Sao Paulo state. Several improvements have been reported, among them a huge reduction of stock, elimination of wastes such as excess displacement/transport and continuous flow. It wa possible to conclude that Lean was effective in the studied hospital and still has great potential of exploration in the quality management context. . 

Keywords: Lean Healthcare, Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement, Healthcare Quality