Arthur Yassine Oliveira

Arthur is researcher at the University of São Paulo in the group of Change and Innovation Management, since August 2021. Undergraduate student in Aeronautical Engineering. Summer intern at Boston Consulting Group (BCG), between January and March 2022.

Arthur is bachelor student

Responsabilities: Development of the research project: “For more green startups: identifying the main attributes of Entrepreneurship Ecosystems in Germany to foster the development of Greentechs” funding by FAPESP.

Consulting Hours: by appointment

Areas of interest: Greentechs, Agtechs and Startups; Entrepreneurship Ecosystems


Current work (Junior Research):

Title: For more green startups: identifying the main attributes of Entrepreneurship Ecosystems to foster the development of Greentechs

Theme: Development of green startups (Greentechs)

Goal: Identifying the main factors that contribute to the development of green startups, to help entrepreneurship ecosystems thrive towards sustainable development.

Abstract: From the problem of combining the growing demand for natural resources with the sustainable limit offered by the planet, themes related to sustainability have increasingly drawn the attention of governments, international organizations and consumers. This global concern generates an environment rich in opportunities for entrepreneurs with disruptive and innovative ideas, both for their economic potential and for their purpose for the environment and society. The startups responsible for optimizing the use of natural resources to provide processes, services and products capable of generating not only economic, but also environmental and social value, are called Greentechs. Therefore, to help these startups to develop, it is intended to analyze the relevant factors for the development of Greentechs in Entrepreneurship Ecosystems. After a literature systematic review, a survey will be created to be answered by specialists, practitioners and academics, from Brazil and abroad. The results will be analyzed using the Fuzzy-Delphi method, a group decision mechanism composed of specialists with deep knowledge of a researched subject towards its consensus. In this way, a prioritized list of attributes is expected as a result, which can guide stakeholder choices. No studies were found that performed this analysis, and therefore, it has the potential to assist future studies that aim to develop recommendations to make entrepreneurship ecosystems more conducive to the development of Greentechs and, therefore, greener and more sustainable.

Keywords: greentech, entrepreneurship ecosystem, startup, sustainability

Learn more about the research survey here

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