MSc. Cintia Blaskovsky Portilho Gomes

Cintia is Research Associate (PhD) at the University of São Paulo (USP), the best university in Latin America. It’s also Researcher at the University of São Paulo in the group of Change and Innovation Management, since march 2022. Cintia has a Master’s degree in Production Engineering.

Previous experiences:

– Consultant for the development of innovation management in the context of small Brazilian companies
– Founding partner and administrator of a technology company focused on intelligent consumption management systems for 2 years.
– Professor and supervisor of undergraduate courses in production engineering

Cintia is dedicated full time to research activities 

Responsabilities: Development of the research project; Collaboration and Development of administrative activities in the research group of Change and Innovation Management; Supervision of junior researchers

Consulting Hours: by appointment

Areas of interest: Innovation Management; Innovation Processes; Diversity in the organization; Diversity Management; Knowledge Management and Complex Systems

e-mail: or

Current work (PhD):

Title: The Relationship between Innovation Management and Diversity Management: a qualitative analysis of theory and practice

Theme: Innovation Management and Diversity Management

Goal: Understanding the relationship between innovation management and diversity management in organizational environments.

Keywords: Innovation Management; Diversity Management; Organization.

Previous work (Master):

Title: Guidelines model on collaborative portal for knowledge transfer in innovative ventures development environments

Theme: Knowledge Management and Organizational Modeling

Abstract: The corporate management, in a general way, faces new contexts for their organizational structure wich supports the market dynamics, wich encourages learning, that is in advance to consumer trends and customer needs, and wich can be creative enough to foster innovation. In this way, knowledge becomes a strategic resource for companies. This research aims to propose guidelines for a collaborative portal for knowledge transfer in the context of innovative projects development in order to improve the innovation process and the development of business of incubated companies. Regarding development, based on guiding studies on knowledge management, knowledge transfer for collaboration aspects and portals, was applied the organization modeling methodology Enterprise Knowledge Development (EKD). The results discussed three perspectives: the as-is model, needs-for-change analysis and the to-be model, in which presents mainly the technical components and requirements model that provide the guidelines for collaborative portal for knowledge transfer, integrated with organizational goals, business rules, actors and resources.

Keywords: Business incubator; Colaborative portals; EKD; Knowledge management; Knowledge transfer

Link of PDF:

University of Sao Paulo - Campus of Sao Carlos
Av. Trab. São Carlense, 400 - Parque Arnold Schimidt, São Carlos - SP, 13566-590
Department of Production Engineering 
Operations management laboratory (second floor)