Giovana Fernanda Dionisio
Alumni – MSc Student

Analysis of the elements that build the innovation culture: a theoretical study.

Goal: The main goal was to analyze the elements that build the innovation culture.

Abstract: Innovation is holistic, and for innovation to be the core in the organization, it must be core in its organizational culture, as well. Because of the diversity of definitions and the concept being multifaceted, this study considers the innovation culture through its components, here called the innovation culture elements. This study performed a content analysis from a literature review. First, we identified which could be these elements that would be part of the innovation culture through a literature review. Second, using content analysis, we analyzed all concepts to understand which elements are part of an innovation culture and how to interrelate them. The main result is the description of 28 innovation culture elements and the relationship between them. The presented concepts can support knowledge management for innovative organizations, as well as academic researchers. Furthermore, the elements can assist the cultural analysis for change management.

Keywords: Innovation Culture; Elements; Innovation; Organizational Culture.