Isabela Scarpin Contatto
Alumni – Undergraduate Research Student

Study of innovative people management practices with focus in performance management and analysis and suggestions of practices in a manufacturing company of medical devices

Goal: The main goal of the project is to analyze innovative practices which can be applied in people management considering the development, retention and professional qualification spheres, focusing mainly on performance, competency-based management and recognition.

Abstract: Digital innovation in the healthcare sector improves the quality of the services offered and has a positive impact on the economic development of the sector. This changes must be associated with transformations mainly in the organizational structure. In this context, people management has also faced changes in order to promote the innovative culture of the organizations. This work aims the understanding of innovative practices in the area of people management and compare these practices with the existing ones in a manufacturing company of medical devices 

Keywords: People management, performance management, competency-based management, innovation and innovative practices.