Isabella Piovan Fernandes
Alumni – Undergraduate Research Student

Relationship between innovativeness and innovation practices: a study in the healthcare sector in a manufacturing company of medical devices

Goal: The main goal is to identify the relationship between innovativeness and innovation practices. It is expected a deeper understanding of how an organization’s capacity for innovation  is related to its innovation processes and indicators. 

Abstract: This project brings out as a theoretical basis the definitions of innovation and innovativeness, and the way they are related to organizational culture. It is not commonly known that innovation and innovativeness are terms that, even though related, possesses different meanings. Whilst innovation is often related to the results obtained, innovativeness is employed to make reference to the organizational conditions that enable innovation. Both are equally important, as they are seen as a source of competitive advantage. In this context, it is essential that the organization has a culture with elements that support innovation and facilitate its innovation capacity. The study will be carried out in a Brazilian healthcare company, manufacturer of medical devices. Initially, a theoretical-conceptual study will be carried out to support the elaboration of an assessment instrument regarding innovativeness and innovation practices within the organization. Later on, it will be applied, and at the end, the collected data will be analyzed. This study will contribute to an understanding of the factors that lead organizations to successfully adopt, create, and implement innovation, focusing on the analysis of organizational culture from an approach of its innovation practices.

Keywords: innovation, innovativeness, innovation process, indicators, innovation practices, innovation culture

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