Jéssica Alves Justo Mendes 
PhD Student


Supervisor: Associate Professor Mateus Cecílio Gerolamo
Co-supervisor: Associate Professor Vânia Gomes Zuin
Fellow: Jéssica Alves Justo Mendes

Goal: .Proposal of a maturity model for Agtechs, combining sustainability, technologies and management aspects.

Abstract: The agribusiness sector is currently facing a number of challenges regarding the adoption of disruptive technologies such as Internet of Things, Cyber Physical Systems, Artificial Intelligence, among others. These technologies are molding the fourth agrarian revolution or Agribusiness 4.0. Of the agribusiness sector, AgTechs, startups that deal with sustainable agriculture technologies, are the ones which are basing their business in the new concepts and technologies brought on by Agribusiness 4.0. Despite the growing importance of AgTechs in the Brazilian scenario, their level of mortality is high. To address this issue, it is first necessary to understand their maturity level, which can help in the identification of points of improvement and in ways to reach a desired future state. This project proposes the development of a maturity model geared towards the specific needs of the AgTechs of the state of São Paulo, which encompasses nearly half of all of Brazilian’s AgTechs. A maturity model specific to AgTechs is innovative, for despite the growing number of maturity models developed to 4.0 environments, none were applied specifically to the agribusiness sector. To develop this maturity model, we will mainly apply a systematic literature review to identify the theoretical constructs that may be included, and later apply surveys (in Germany and in Brazil) to test the applicability of said model. It is our hope that the results of this research, e.g our maturity model, will spread new knowledge in the field of Agribusiness 4.0, helping AgTechs to identify points of improvement, which can in turn aid them to reduce their high mortality rate.

Keywords: Agribusiness 4.0; AgTech; Maturity Models.

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