Lucas Gabriel Zanon
Alumni – Co-supervised MSc Student

Exploring the relations between supply chain performance and organizational culture: a fuzzy grey cognitive map based decision model

Goal: The main goal of the research is to associate grey clustering, fuzzy grey cognitive maps and multiple fuzzy inference systems to analyze and quantify the causal relationship between organizational culture and supply chain performance.

Abstract: To comprehend the relationship between supply chain performance and organizational culture can help predict scenarios and improve decision-making. However, their interface remains unexplored due to the complexity of quantitatively address the interference of subjectivity. Soft computing techniques associated with computational processing of human language have the potential to overcome this difficulty and are rarely applied to this context. The main contribution is the proposition of a decision-making model that sets guidelines for the elaboration of action plans to promote the alignment between organizational culture and supply chain performance management. It is expected, from the conduction of two real application cases, to provide practical results that foster the search for the congruence between organizational culture and performance management in supply chains adherent to different competitive strategies.

Keywords: Supply chain management, organizational culture, soft computing, decision making.

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