Luisa Lavagnini Barboza
Alumni – Undergraduate Research Student 

Analysis of the influence of values for a circular organizational culture

Goal: The main objective of the project is to carry out a diagnosis of the organizational values essential to sustain an organizational culture that incorporates principles and characteristics of circularity. This will be done in order to foster the development of a database to support the assessment of the circularity level of companies interested  in the transition to the Circular Economy.

Abstract: In order to enable changes in organizations, it is essential to deepen and understand criteria related to the company’s organizational culture. One of the factors that has great influence is the definition of the values that will be prioritized in business ecosystems. As there is not yet a specific organizational culture for the context of Circular Economy, the aim of the project is to enable changes in organizations based on the identification, analysis and alignment of values among leaders, employees, communities, partners, suppliers, consumers and the company as a whole, giving a sense of identity to those involved. 

Keywords: Circular Economy; Business Models; Values; Organizational Culture

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