Murilo Neves Mourarias
MSc Student

Technologies 4.0 recommendation tool: an application case in artisanal cheese production.

Abstract: .To contribute for small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) in Brazil are not left out of Industry 4.0/Agriculture 4.0, this research seeks to understand how to facilitate the design of Smart Farms (SFs) considering the difficulties that SMEs have. For this, it was decided to develop a tool that can recommend technologies 4.0 that adhere to the context and as a need of Brazilian SMEs in the agricultural sector, based on a tool already known in the literature, the QFD – Quality Fuction Deployment. Then, a case study is carried out in a process of artisanal cheese production of a small rural product in Vale do Paraiba – São Paulo / SP, in order to exemplify the use of the developed tool and obtain suggestions for improvement.

Keywords: Agriculture 4.0. Technologies 4.0. SMEs. QFD. BPM. Cheese.


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