M.Sc. Murilo Neves Mourarias

Murilo is Research Associate (PhD) at the University of São Paulo (USP), the best university in Latin America. It’s also Researcher at the University of São Paulo in the group of Change and Innovation Management, since july 2019. Murilo has a Master’s degree in Production Engineering.

Murilo is dedicated part time to research activities 

Responsabilities: Collaboration in the research group whose manager is Professor Mateus Gerolamo; Development of administrative activities related to the research group management

Consulting Hours: by appointment

Areas of interest: Sustainability; PSS; Industria 4.0; Agriculture 4.0; Innovation Management 

e-mail: murilomourarias@usp.br and murilomourarias@gmail.com

Current work (PhD):


Theme: Sustainability; Innovation Management

Goal: Create a tool to support the development of sustainable frugal product and service innovations for Brazilian agricultural companies.

Abstract: Frugal Innovation (FI) can represent an option for national organizations to differentiate themselves from the international competition, as they design services and products that are more adhering to the local reality of their consumers. In Brazil, this type of innovation could achieve higher success rates, since it prioritizes the use of available local resources and takes into account the social and environmental aspects of the context in which it develops. This type of innovation has become popular in the literature as it is a type of innovation that is successful in developing countries. However, some areas of knowledge still do not address this type of innovation, as is the case of agriculture. In this context, in Brazil, the agro sector has an important participation in the country’s GDP and, therefore, this subject becomes important to be investigated, mainly, in view of the need for agribusiness to develop products and services that increasingly consider its impact in society and the environment. This is even more relevant given Brazil’s participation in different international agreements aimed at mitigating the problems arising from climate change. Therefore, this work aims to create a tool to assist in the development of sustainable frugal innovations in products and services for Brazilian agribusiness companies. For this, the methodology of the work will consist of a Systematic Bibliographic Review to identify the main works and tools related to the subject; a development stage of the tool based on information obtained from review and expert opinion via the Delphi method. And finally, the tool will be applied in 2 Brazilian agribusiness companies in order to test and validate it – the results will be discussed through case studies. In the end, it is expected to build a tool that is able to assist in the stages of ideation and prioritization of resources (features) of these products and services, taking into account the most modern approaches of Product-Service Systems (PSS) and sustainability.

Keywords: Frugal Innovation; PSS; Sustainability; Agriculture.

Previous work (Master):

Title: Technologies 4.0 recommendation tool: an application case in artisanal cheese production.

Theme: Agriculture 4.0; Industria 4.0

Goal: Develop a tool that can recommend technologies 4.0 that adhere to the context and as a need of Brazilian SMEs in the agricultural sector.

Abstract: To contribute for small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) in Brazil are not left out of Industry 4.0/Agriculture 4.0, this research seeks to understand how to facilitate the design of Smart Farms (SFs) considering the difficulties that SMEs have. For this, it was decided to develop a tool that can recommend technologies 4.0 that adhere to the context and as a need of Brazilian SMEs in the agricultural sector, based on a tool already known in the literature, the QFD – Quality Fuction Deployment. Then, a case study is carried out in a process of artisanal cheese production of a small rural product in Vale do Paraiba – São Paulo / SP, in order to exemplify the use of the developed tool and obtain suggestions for improvement.

Keywords: Agriculture 4.0. Technologies 4.0. SMEs. QFD. BPM. Cheese

Link of PDF: https://doi.org/10.11606/D.18.2021.tde-03012022-163445

Website: https://sites.google.com/usp.br/technologiesofsmartfarms/p%C3%A1gina-inicial

ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-4489-6921
ACADEMIC CURRICULUM  (LATTES): http://lattes.cnpq.br/3719119511258823
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