Nubia Gabriela Pereira Carvalho
PhD Student

Proposition of interactions between men, machines and technologies considering human work in Industry 4.0: Study at the strategic, managerial and operational levels of two industrial companies in the automotive segment.

Abstract: Industry 4.0 is an industrial model considered new that characterizes advanced manufacturing as a Fourth Industrial Revolution. This new industrial configuration includes design principles that denote its innovative and disruptive performance compared to industry 3.0, such as being an intelligent, interconnected, sustainable, modular and service-oriented factory, for example. Industry 4.0 also encompasses a wide range of technologies that contribute to the permanence of design principles and these perform tasks ranging from physical effort to analytical capacity. This set of technologies has been seen as a potential replacement for people as collaborators in industry 4.0. Little is known about how human work can be used in this industry, from the highest to the simplest positions, so that people can interact with machines and technologies and because they are advised, not completely replaced by them. Given this context, the project aims to carry out a proposition of human-technological interactions, so that the potential of all participants in industrial companies is used in a mutual and effective way.

Keywords: Industry 4.0; Human work in Industry 4.0; Strategic, Managerial and Operational 4.0; Human-tech interactions.


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