Rafael Giacomassi
Alumni – MSc Student

What is really new in authentic leadership?

Goal: Determine the scope of authentic leadership as a theory considering its roots on Social Skills, Social Competencies, and other psychology theories. Provide a critical review of the theories and concepts that serve as foundation to the AL theory.

Abstract: Authentic leadership theory has attract interest from the business and academic community since 2003. Most articles on AL include references from psychology, specially social skills and social competencies theories. However, some of those references, that are often mixed to support the AL theory, are considered opposites or distinct approaches in their original field of study. Thus, this study aims to elucidate the main constructs that support the AL theory, investigate the origem of those constructs and provide a critical analysis of how they are understood in their original fields of study as well as in AL.

Keywords: Authentic Leadership, Social Skills, Social Competencies, Critical Review