Thaíse Souza Costa
MSc Student

Contribution of clinical study project management to open innovation in health technology startups – a case study.

Abstract: This project will study and expose how Project Management contributes to a technology startup in the health area, focusing on its clinical studies conducted within an open innovation model. managed as projects within an open innovation model and thus better conducted and that elements such as deadlines, objectives, time, costs, status be applied to the structuring and conduct of each stage that intends to be created and evolved. The work aims to analyze the implementation of Project Management in clinical studies of health technology startup companies and evaluate their contributions and, therefore, its main research question is: What contributions does project management provide for clinical studies? of health technology startup companies and that are carried out within an open innovation model. The justifications for this project can be summed up by the importance that innovation in the health area currently has and how much of that innovation happens in startup companies in an open way, which in turn is faced with the challenges of doing this within an environment regulatory, of great scientific demand, with high risk of long periods for results and pressure from investors and, therefore, strict management of resources. The current literature mentions cases, methodologies and contributions for mature and established companies, but very little for startup companies, mainly Brazilian. The main expected result of this project is to increase the existing scientific knowledge on the subject to be researched, which is still restricted and scarce. For this purpose, the research methodology used will be the descriptive exploratory case study, being able to verify the main contributions of project management in clinical studies within an open innovation model and thus, in the end, suggest future and complementary studies on how to apply such changes. organizational and methods of implementation and management.

Keywords: Project management, Startup, Clinical Studies, Open innovation