Undergraduate Research Student

Demographic Study of the Production Engineering Course at EESC-USP: an analysis since 1971


The main objective of the project is to compare the quality of the Production Engineering course at EESC USP with those of other renowned institutions, both Brazilian and international. In the end, an improvement in the current course will be proposed.


The Production Engineering course at EESC-USP is over 40 years old, has a strong consolidation and reputation, being always classified as a five-star course in the rankings of evaluation of undergraduate courses in Brazil, but it presents opportunities for modernization in terms of its contents and teaching practices more linked to the demands of organizations that receive their professionals as well as the current digital revolution and the growth of Industry 4.0 in developed and developing countries. It is intended to make comparative analysis (benchmarking) between curricula of Production Engineering and Similar courses and reviews of academic studies that address engineering education, more specifically in production engineering. The project counts with the effective and active participation of a course student as a scholarship holder. As main results, it is expected to evaluate the course and propose improvements.


Production Engineering; Engineering teaching; Benchmarking; Innovation in Education


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